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Using a QR code on a flyer to join Zoom Webinar


Hi All!

This is our first time sending out a flyer with a QR code to join a scheduled webinar for a few weeks out.  Does anyone know how far in advance of our scheduled webinar does the QR code take them into our scheduled webinar?  If you scan the QR code now it just takes you into Zoom but not our specific webinar.


Also, from your experience should we also put the zoom web address on the flyer or will the QR code be enough for people to easily join?


Any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You create the Zoom meeting or webinar or event in advance and this will give you a specific URL, or registration link if you are using registration,

You could then use an app to make that a QR code. It does work well,


You could use APIs to create a QR code for your Zoom webinars and then paste the output onto a flier, or if you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that lets you create QR codes for your Zoom webinars.