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Some of my registration list is fail to send to my email


Hi Zoom support,


As my webinar is coming soon, previously I set a rule that anyone registered will send a notification email to our company email address, but recently about 70% of registration are missed. Also, the registration record insides zoom is not updated, for example, i refresh about a whole day in weekend, the number keeps unchanged but I am advertising on the weekend,  but when i refresh a few times on Monday then  i could see the result of new register number appeal.
As there are no way to see the registration detail (with registration question answer) before, so the email notice is very important for us, pls help to assist.



I understand that you have set "


  • Send an email to host when someone registers

This option will send you an email every time someone registers. I can only guess that you have set this option on:

  • Manually Approve
    The organizer must approve registrants before they receive information on how to join the webinar.

and therefore you only see the updated numbers of the registrants once you have approved them. Otherwise the number stays the same in the stats.


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