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Show several panellists while screen sharing in Webinar


Hi, I am hosting a webinar this week and need to work out how I can show several panellists while on a screenshare in Zoom Webinar.


I know it can be done as we have previously oursourced to a provider to run these events and they had their settings to there was a gallery of our Board members that could be seen even while screensharing slides. Our Board expects to be visible to our shareholders during the meeting. 


I tried it today in a practice but when the screenshare is on, attendees can only see the speaker/person I spotlighted.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @puds.


You can spotlight more than one person.  Make sure you set the "Attendee View" to "Side-By-Side Speaker".  When this view is set, it shows all spotlit panelists.

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