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This page ( refers to features that I do not see in my account. There is no "Registration section"...

  • In the Registration section, select the Required checkbox.

Yes, I'm using an automatically generated ID. I'm on the free plan. The support page linked above calls out paid plans to have custom questions on the signup form, but implies that free accounts can have a basic registration page.


Comical circular logic...I need registration to make it worth paying for Zoom...but the support chat AI thing can't help and directs me here. To add insult to injury, my brand new MB Air M2 got the 10002 error trying to update the Zoom I had to uninstall/reinstall.


Really bad experience so far with Zoom (which I've used for years, sometimes through a paid account). Hoping I'm missing something obvious but I don't think so.

Googling alternatives to Zoom now...