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Recurring Webinar - 1 time Registration ?



I have 3 session of Webinar to be held on 3 dates.

When i create a recurring webinar, it appear that i have 3 webinar under webinar tabs.

My question is,

1. Does participant need to re-register for the next date/session with different link or does the participants  automatically be able to join the next webinar date/session from the 1st time registration upon the 1st date?

2. If participants need to re-register for the next date, does zoom help to email the next date registration link after the end of the 1st date or I have to manually send the registration link to them?

Thank you



If the webinar was set up as recurring then the link will be the same for all three occurrences. Participants shouldn't have to re-register unless they are coming in from a different account than the one they initially registered under.  If you have panelists, they get a different link than participants but their access links will also remain the same across all meetings. This is important to know because if someone who is a panelist ONLY for the first meeting uses that link for the 2nd or 3rd meeting they will be dropped into the panelist area again. You have to physically delete them from the panelists' list in order to deactivate their panel access. 🙂