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MacBook Pro User Downloading Storage Question and Quality Question With External Cannon Camera




I have a MacBook Pro 

I a planning to use Zoom to record a webinar with live participants that they can purchase afterwards so I want to make sure I have a good quality recording. 

I have a Rebel Cannon external camera


Will I need any special app to make sure that the quality is good? 


Also, my classes are up to 3 hours long, so I'm not sure how to make sure that I will have enough space for that downloaded recording. Do I need to purchase the $40 a month extra storage Zoom cloud option for this (which is a lot for me)?  Or is there a workaround? I need to just have a copy of the class, save it my external hard drive after and then I can delete it from the Zoom cloud. I have 25 G left on my laptop. 


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

You can record directly to local computer, so you don't need to upload them to the cloud storage unless you want the easy sharing options from there. 

Quality should be good without an extra app as long as the camera is recognized by the Zoom client. 
You can check with support if your account is eligible to enable 1080p resolution. 


Thank you. Any idea why my meetings stopped recording mid way? The meeting didn’t end just the recording.