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I cannot get Confirmation Email to Registrants Send after registration approval


I need help!!

I set webinars with "registration required" and "Manually approve". I haven't got Confirmation Email to Registrants Send after registration approval from yesterday.  I registered by company account and my personal ones(Gmail and Yahoo).

Zoom support told me about IP setting<> but I don't understand I cannnot get it to my personal account.
What should I do?? Is this incident?  Anybody happen same thing?



I have the same problem since yesterday (August 9). I usually receive a confirmation email, but I have not received it. It is not in my spam folder either. I also asked two of my colleagues to register, but they did not receive it as well.

Are you in Japan?  This incident happens only in Japan??

Yes, I am in Japan. Unfortunately, I do not know the situation in other countries, as I have only tested with co-workers in Japan.

same to me... どうしましょ???


I guess this incident recovered.  

Thanks for letting me know, chichichi-san! I also got an email from Zoom saying they fixed the error. That's a relief to both of us.😊