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How to stream to Facebook Event Page or Group page


Last year we were able to stream to a group page and facebook event page.  Now there something I am missing to turn on?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Kelijones, my apologies for the late response, but are you still having an issue streaming? If so, I'd be happy to help 🙂

Hi Bri. I'm having a hard time figuring this out, too, and my FB event starts in 45 minutes! Can you help??

Hi there,


If you could say if this is possible please.


I've not yet found out how to Zoom into a Facebook event. It would be very helpful to know if this is possible.


Thanks in advance,


For those who want to know how to do this, I found a video on You Tube with the info in.

Do adjust your volume control though as the video is a little loud.

On actually following the process set out on youtube, there is not an option on zoom to configure custom streaming service as the lady does on the video on my zoom. 


I had to go and change the settings to allow it.


Need help on this - stream to a Facebook event