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training multicast


We are attempting to run a training course. We want to:

  • Broadcast trainers (my) screen.
  • We want to see the delegates screen (shared) in a quad view (4 attendees) as well as their faces/cameras to see what they are clicking on and how they are progressing. (Have figured out how to switch between screens being broadcast but want to put all monitors up on one large screen)
    How can we achieve this with Zoom?

We purchased "rooms" as we thought it supported this functionality; did we buy the correct product?
I have set up a "training" room and attempting to make it "online" but we are stuck "offline".

If this is not the right product; please suggest the best way to achieve the above? Is it even possible iwth zoom?




I am not sure I fully understand the question - but I will answer based on my understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.


To switch between speaker screens being broadcasted - would spotlighting the current speaker work, so that you can see their screen?


For the large screen view - use a different computer feed into the large screen with a gallery view (if only the 4 attendees or spotlight 4 speakers).


Hope this helps - if yes - please check the solved  button. 

If no - ignore suggestion 🙂


Thanks for the feedback. Only one person will present to the group (trainer). All Trainees Screens need to be displayed; Regarding this part "For the large screen view - use a different computer feed into the large screen with a gallery view (if only the 4 attendees or spotlight 4 speakers)" what are the steps to achieve this? We understand we can see all the cameras/faces; just can't work out how to see all delegates screens at the same time on one display(on the trainer's screen only). thanks again.


So you are looking to have 4 people simultaneously screen sharing their screens, but have that only be visible to one person (the trainer)? From what I know of Zoom, you can enable the ability to allow multiple people to share screens at the same time, but to view all 4 screens at the same time, you would need to have 4 monitors, as only one shared screen can be displayed on each monitor (unless you had AV Graphics hardware that would let you do that in a physical build out of a space)


Also, I don't think it would be possible for you to limit the other participants from viewing the other's shared screens. If 4 screens were being shared, everyone in the meeting would be able to select which screen they wanted to see.


Check out this support article from Zoom on Sharing multiple screens simultaneously:

The other way you may be able to get around this, which would be kind of a low tech approach, was if each of the delegates had a webcam which was not built into their screen, you could ask them to set it up so that it would be pointed at their screen, instead of on their screen pointed at their face, although the clarity of the image could be really variable with this approach.


The other solution you could try to implement is a plugin that would allow users to use their screen as a webcam, regardless of which software they were using for video conferencing. There are probably several options for this since streaming is such a thing these days, but you will probably find it comes with a cost. Here's a link to one I found, All of the delegates would need to install this on their computers.


Thanks @kbrewer for your response. Some good ideas in there to investigate. Appreciated.