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Unfamiliar stranger


Hi Sir/Maam,


During my meeting with my students, there is an unfamiliar name enter the waiting room.  The person wrote a vulgar word as display name.  After awhile, the person left - May I know how to detect the ID of this stranger?


Thank you.

Vickie CP Yap


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @cp_yap 


If your meeting did not require registration or authentication, there is almost no way to identify.


If the text in the name was in some way threatening or abusive (see Community Standards) you could certainly report the incident to Zoom - by following the link below.


If the offender only entered the Waiting Room, the text/name would have only been visible to the Hosts/Co-Hosts.


The Waiting Room is a security measure. In your case it seems to have worked.


Hope this helps.


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