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Sending Zoom Brekout Room Attendee Number to External Server


Hi all,


I work in education and use breakout rooms for students. There are multiple teachers going around the breakout rooms to check on the attendees, and we want to get around to everyone in as timely a manner as possible. There is no viable way to coordinate between us which rooms we have been to when, so we have a "time away tracker" that keeps track of how long it has been since each breakout room was last attended by a teacher. This is currently an external application that does not interact with the Zoom meeting directly, however I am looking for a way to have Zoom directly send the breakout room data to this application (or even better, a server!) via an extension or dummy co-host. 


So far as I have seen there is nothing like this anywhere, I understand I will need to code it myself. But if anyone has any information on how to send a fetch request to the Zoom servers to get breakout room attendee number or how an extension could extract this data from the webpage in web-Zoom, it would be much appreciated.


This is quite specific I am pretty much hoping a Zoom employee sees this and has an answer or can convince enough people in the Zoom tech team to add this to the API.


Thanks for any useful info in advance.



Never min d I think I have an answer, don't know how to delete this post though

@mirthilon we would love it if you shared your solution here so fellow community members could benefit! 💙

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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, the only thing I can think of is utilizing one of our webhooks to be updated whenever someone joins a breakout room, it should give you details about the room and an update whenever someone joins a room, this info can be sent to a server and by timestamp determine when the last time a particular user joined.