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Unable to establish secure connection to zoom


hello, as soon as I downloaded Zoom on my computer a day later this zoom pop up notification would come up every five minutes and says"unable to establish secure connection to zoom" . And then below it says "open your browser to check your internet connection.This may happen if you have to login to your network, or you are using public WI-FI." but i don't use public wi-fi and my internet connection is good. I will really appreciate some help because i have no idea what to do!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Clara20 ,


There are a couple of reasons why you may be seeing this message.

Without going into the details, walkthrough the following procedure.


  1. Login to your Zoom web portal.
  2. Navigate to the "Profile" section.
  3. Under "Profile", locate the "Calendar and Contacts Integration"
  4. Deleted the exiting integration setting (NOTE: If you don't have this, skip to step 6)
  5. Once you have the integration deleted, navigate to the "Sign In" section directly above.
  6. Choose "Sign Me Out From All Devices"
  7. Once signed out, your can try to re-establish the "Calendar and Contacts Integration" if needed.

Hope this helps!