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Network Error


Dear all!

My problem is that I cannot access zoom using my credentials on I type my email, I insert my password but the only thing I can see on my screen are two words in red: Network Error. It does not let me in. It is the second day I cannot access my zoom. I tried to reload my laptop but it did not help.

Can you help, please? Do you know what is wrong? 

Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Kamilla1


Please test your network by join the test meeting with the URL:

If you can test it, it shouldn't be the network issue during your test time. 

Since not sure whether it happens during the error time, so please try it first.

If no network issue, then please try to access your account again.

Before it, please clear your cash of the browser first, also try different browser.


Hope it can help.