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Problems recording audio over a Zoom meeting on my Zoom PodTrak P4


Hello Zoom community  member,


I´m Paul, Dutch, but living in Germany. Yesterday, I had planned to record some podcasts over the Zoom conference meeting app while recording it on my Pod Trak P4.


Although I had tested it (recording a radio station, checking input levels on the right channel) and everything worked perfect then, while wanting to actually record the conversation with my podcast guests, either I didn´t have any audio input, or audio just came in over my laptop speaker instead of on channel 4.

I´ve tested again today trying to use channel 3 connected to my laptop headphone output. Perfect with the radio station, but while in a Zoom conference no audio at all.


I´ve re-read the manual, uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled Zoom, restarted my laptop, reconnected my cables but have now run out of ideas what maybe could work.


Is it something in the software settings? Help!!!


Thanks in advance, Paul

Phone: 0031 6 2047 2533