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Prepared Whiteboards - no simultaneous work possible


Quiet frustrating: I've prepared several whiteboards for the simultaneous use in the session. I was opening these whiteboards and was writing on them - but the participiants could not use them. So no collaboration was possible. Just one participant was able to write on my prepared whiteboard - while his access via browser. 


So how can I use prepared (!) whiteboards as a starting point for working and writing on it? 


And furthermore: When it will be possible to provide prepared whiteboards in breakout rooms?


Thanks for help. While that was a annoying experience. 😞



I had this exact experience this morning with a student using an iOS device. She only had annotation tools when sharing her board.  She had zero annotation from my shared screens. She also had zero annotation within the collaborative whiteboard. I use this platform daily and the annotation features have become highly unreliable which is wildly frustrating. In the old 2020 version, it worked seamlessly for even 4 year olds with special needs.