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Zoom Scheduler Meeting Title customization

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Zoom Scheduler feedback. Suggestion to customize the Meeting Title. With Calendly, Bookings, FreeBusy and other apps, the Title of the appointment can be changed to be however you want it. The default for Zoom Scheduler is "30 minute meeting with Josh (1 of 20 spots filled)" That is worthless information to me. I have to open the invite to see who scheduled the appt, the company name, and the purpose. Ideally what I would like is the option of the title to be: "Purpose of the Call (Company Name or Person Name)".  Let me choose in the settings area how I want the variables to be used in the meeting title.  And I just don't understand the purpose of the "1 of 20 spots filled" in the meeting title.  Maybe show that when the other user is scheduling the meeting, but not in the title of the meeting.  



Agree with above - it is impossible to determine who the meeting is with unless you can click into the meeting itself.
I have 10 zoom meetings scheduled by clients this week and need to go through all of them just to figure out who is where.



Hi Zoom -- any  update on this request? It's a pretty basic feature to include some merge fields in those meeting titles. And it's REALLY unhelpful to have a calendar full of the same meeting title over & over & over