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Zoom on Echo Show 8 in canada


Dear Zoom Community,


 I have been encountering persistent issues with Zoom on my Echo Show 8 in Canada for some time now. Despite my efforts to follow Zoom's instructions and multiple attempts to seek assistance from Amazon, the problem persists. I would like to share my situation with you.


I have been actively involved in a project to help seniors maintain vital connections with their families. To facilitate this, we have invested in over 200 Echo Show units. However, over the past six months, Zoom functionality on these devices has become unreliable, leaving many seniors feeling isolated. Zoom was their primary means of staying connected, and its malfunction has created a significant impact.


I am reaching out to the Zoom community with a plea for help. If anyone possesses the knowledge or experience to assist me in resolving these issues with Zoom on Echo Show 8 in Canada , your assistance would be immensely appreciated. Our seniors rely on this technology to stay connected with their loved ones, and your support can make a substantial difference in their lives.


Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to any guidance or solutions you can provide.

Warm regards,