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Echo Show 8 Showing Message to Update Zoom Rooms


Went to start a Zoom Meeting this morning on the Echo Show 8, like the previous 200+ times.

Zoom started up fine, but when starting the meeting a new message appeared : 

Some of your Zoom Rooms devices need to be upgraded to join this meeting. Please contact IT for assistance.


Executed a full factory reset

Echo Show 8 : Device is running Fire OS (PS7559/3536)

No Application Updates available.


Help. Any one else experiencing this problem?

(We did run the meeting on another PC device, but would like the Echo Show 8 to work)







This happened to me too


Is there still no solution to this i have this same issue with my echo show 


Yes. Frustrated. Missed 2 Zoom classes this morning. Trying to figure out how to upgrade Zoom app on my Echo Show 8. Also have Echo Show 10. How do I upgrade the Zoom app on Echo Shows?


Having same issue with Echo 8,  Just started  this past week. Did all the steps recommended from Amazon. Reset, update software, reboot etc.  App version on Echo 8 is  5.12.0 (1972).  I think there are later versions.   Alexa app on phone shows 5.15.5.

Does Zoom still support Echo 8? Amazon said i need to confirm with Zoom they still support echo 8. Mine is a couple years old.

Look forward to any  suggestions.

I just gifted an Echo Show 8 to a friend. She doesn't want it and is returning it. I posted a poor review of it on and showed a photo of it with the screen showing the error message about "Zoom Rooms devices need to be upgraded to join this meeting. Please contact IT for assistance."  I said Echo Show no longer supports Zoom app. Maybe that will get Amazon's attention. Amazon and Google make the Echo Show.


I am having the same issue on my Echo Show 8 and spent hours on phone with Amazon on it.  Not sure what to do at this point. I am contacting zoom to see if a higher [plan will help.

Same problem on both Echo Shows 8 in different locations.


We're not using Echo, but just had same issue; Zoom just blocked older Zoom Room software...and so far I can't find any way to upgrade our Crestron Android devices to the required version.  Admin console does not show any updates available; and so far unable to update directly from the device.


Our AV team was able to remote into the Crestron controller and manually load the updated Zoom Room app, and now all is good.  As Zoomergirl just posted, it may simply be that the Echo needs an app update.  Hope y'all are able to get yours up and running as well!


I did  a factory reset by going into settings and  re set up again.  It joins zoom now.

Sorry you had to do this, but I'm afraid your factory reset had nothing to do with fixing the problem. I just tried Zoom again this morning (8/9), and sure enough, Zoom now works on both my Echo Show 8 and 10. I did not do any reset. I suspect they fixed it overnight. Either Zoom or Amazon (who makes the Echo Show) seem to have heard the complaints. Too bad they didn't test this and avoid the glitch for customers before the latest system upgrade went public. I guess it's easier to let customers do the troubleshooting.


I posted a negative review of the Echo Show 8 on Amazon because of my inability to use Zoom earlier this week. The issue was an outdated version of the Zoom app on Echo Show devices and no way to update the app. The issue was fixed with the latest version of the Zoom app suddenly appearing on Echo Show devices on 8/9/23. I got a phone call from Amazon customer service rep Jill tonight, asking if she could help me. I told her the problem was now fixed. She said it must have been fixed by the Zoom people, not by Amazon or Echo Show tech people. Zoom may have had trouble releasing the version of the Zoom app specifically made for Echo Show devices. Here is the email Jill sent me after our phone call. I am pleased and surprised Amazon reads product reviews. I have now changed my negative review of the Echo Show 8.


My name is Jill and I'm an Amazon Outreach Representative, dedicated to address and resolve unsatisfactory customer experience highlighted in Amazon reviews.
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your review and provide feedback about your Echo Show 8.  I have linked your review below.

I am glad that the problem with Zoom is working again for you. For any further assistance, please contact customer service
Thanks for making sure we’re aware of your experience.
Jill T.
Amazon Device Customer Service"