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Zoom lighting in my office


I'm trying to figure out why my hair looks "blue" and my black blouse looks "blue" as well every time I'm on a Zoom meeting.  I'm sure it has something to do with lighting, so I'm asking you all for some tips on how to make my lighting such that I don't look, pardon the pun, but blue.

It has to be my overhead light source, but can I add lighting somewhere else to help?  Any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



See if your camera manufacturer has a setting for "White Balance".


"White balance is a vital camera setting to properly calibrate in order to achieve your desired image. If you have ever taken a photograph or video and found the result to look unnatural blue or yellow, then improper white balance is to blame." 



One way to make it easier for your camera to get proper colour is to use lighting hat is not mixed. - Sunlight and tungsten is an example of mixed lighting that can confuse the camera sensor.



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Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Leisel.


Funny enough, we do have some documentation that touches on these issues. Please check out: 


And this is a good one: 



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