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Zoom Rooms Idle Control?

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

We have 5 NEC NP-P605UL laser projectors installed at a client site. We are the primary AV integrators for this client however we did not design the systems in the meeting rooms. We do service them though.


The rooms are Zoom Rooms controlled by a Logitech Tap going to these projectors. These Zoom Rooms are always “active” so the projector is always on. We are trying to figure out a way to send an off signal to the projector when the room is not in a meeting.

Though the projectors’ rated laser life is 20,000 hours, since the rooms were commissioned earlier this year, the light hours are around the 5000-6000 range. At this rate we’d want to preserve them as best as possible.


The way this particular client likes the meeting rooms is that upon walking into a meeting room, they can touch the Tap to awake the room. Then after finishing the meetings, they would just up and leave. No powering on/off the room.


I read that Zoom Rooms no longer support CEC controls via the Zoom Rooms application, and that Room Controls are the contemporary solution. Without getting into needing the user to control the rooms, might there be any other solution that could be advised? Was wondering if this would be a Zoom thing or a Logitech thing?