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Zoom Room with assistive listening (ALS)


Hello. It is required per California Code that all conference rooms with audio/video be equipped with an assistive listening system. I have a small, simple conference room with one screen, running a Zoom Rooms appliance (say, a Neat Bar or a Logitech Rally Bar).  I need this appliance to give me an aux audio output (e.g. 3.5mm jack) that contains the call audio that I can feed into the audio input of my assistive listening transmitter.


  1. So far I haven't found any all-in-one Zoom Appliance that has an aux audio out - do you know of any out there?
  2. If I were to use a dedicated computer (Logitech Roommate, Intel NUC, ...), would Zoom Rooms let me output call audio to two peripherals at the same time (1. USB audio peripheral for the room (a sound bar for instance), and 2. the front audio jack connected to assistive listening transmitter) ?
  3. Is my only choice to use an audio splitter after the selected audio output? This seems messy.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks so much!