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Zoom Room Display on Shows Recurring Meetings


We have a client with Neat bar Pro System in his office. The Neat bar Pro is configured to be a Zoom Room endpoint and its control surface is a Neat Pad. The client logs in to the ZR using his corporate account credentials. So the system is a personal Zoom Room.


The problem that he is reporting is that the only meeting invites he see on the Zoom Display are his three recurring meetings. However, on his control panel, the Neat Pad, he can see, and scroll through, his other scheduled Zoom meetings on the Neat Pad.  I must note that the recurring meetings (the three he sees on the ZR display) show up at the top of the list of Zoom meetings on his ZR controller (the Neat Pad).


So the issue is he can never see the other meeting because those three recurring meeting are the only ones shown on the ZR display.


Is there a way to either hide the recurring meetings. Or maybe allow the scrolling on the controller to be mirrored on the ZR display, so that our client is not only looking at the same three recurring meeting on hos ZR display?


Please advise