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Use a Room Meeting ID as a Personal Meeting ID?


We use our Zoom Room Meeting ID for almost all of our meetings, which only allows attendees to join once the meeting is started from the Zoom Room.


We would like to be able to easily switch to Zoom Meetings when it is not possible to access the Zoom Room space, but we don't want to have to change the meeting information for other attendees.


Is there a way to utilize our Zoom Room Meeting ID as a Personal Meeting ID for instances where we can not use the Zoom Room system?


Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner



Try enabling option "Allow participants to join before host" in Account Management > Account Settings > Meeting.


With that users will be able to join the meeting even if host is not yet present.


Another option that might be usable to you in some cases is:

Room Management > Zoom Rooms > Account Settings > Meeting> Make Zoom Rooms the host if it joins before meeting host and other participants


The other option may be simply to turn off the waiting room in your security settings, when you know you will not get to your meeting before its other participants.