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Scheduling display on a PC


I have a large number of Zoom rooms, several of which have a scheduling display outside (Neat Pad or similar).


A couple of these are lecture theatres and we'd like something larger which will show the upcoming meetings within the room (at the moment, administrative staff stick bits of paper on to doors which looks messy and is very 1997). We have a large screen on the wall that's powered by a standard PC. I've tried installing Zoom Rooms on this, to set it up as a scheduling display, but this option isn't available. Is this something which is solely available on the tablet version ~ is there any workaround that others have used?


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Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

Maybe try creating a support ticket and ask Zoom Support for help with that one.


Recently I had some questions about scheduling displays and I've received this piece of info that might be somehow helpful to you:

"Any device that will run the Zoom Room Controller app should be usable as a Scheduling Display"