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Setting up Digital Signage on the computer connected to the TV


I try to setup our first Zoom Room Digital Signage Screen

Created a ZOOM Room in the Zoom Web Portal for Digital Signage only. 

Connect a PC to the TV, downloaded the Zoom app, signed in and installed the ZOOM ROOM controller app.

Then click on "Control nearby room". Entered the Register Key. Click connect.  

The register key failed every time I tried. 

I followed this setup:

Do I missed something? Do I have to go another route? All the Youtube videos I found only talk about the setup of an Digital Signage Room in the Zoom Web Portal. 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



I think you are almost there, but in a Digital Signage only Room, there isn't a need for a controller, but you need to set up the Zoom Rooms for Conference Room app in the pc and connect a display. You can control and setup the content from the Zoom Room settings in the web portal.


Here you can find an example of a DS only ZR:


If you want a ZR more fully featured, I would recommend starting here: 



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