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Crestron TSW-1060 controllers unable to launch zoom app. URGENT HELP NEEDED


We have dozens of Crestron TSW-1060s that operate as Zoom Room controllers for us, but as of this morning are unable to launch zoom. We receive the message, "Application could not be installed. Please ensure there is an internet connection." There is definitely an internet connection so there is some issue with these specific models and connecting to Zoom. Anyone know how to resolve?



Same exact issue for us as well popped up today.


Yes, same issue here at multiple sites.


Same exact issue here. Anyone determine a fix?


Same issue here. Only confirmed in two of three rooms at one site. Hoping other rooms are not affected.


Our locations are also having this issue, you are not alone!


Found a quick fix, but looks like this was the result of Crestron trying to push Zoom Rooms version 5.13 to these devices. Also, guess Zoom may stop working on these devices early next year:  Advance notice of end of support for Zoom Rooms Android Controller on legacy hardware devices – Zoo...


For the fix:

1. Access the web IP of the controller

2. Update the "Zoom Room Page Flip" setting under "Applications"

3. This will cause device to enter reboot

4. Once rebooted the device will start back up, connected, but signed out of Zoom

5. Select whether the device is a controller or scheduler, enter in the activation code, and all set. The device will now be on 5.13 and can join ad hoc Teams meetings from the Zoom API. You can then revert the Zoom Room Page Flip setting to what you had originally.


Hope this helps.


We are having the same issue in our rooms that have a TSW-1060 controller as well, rooms that have Creston Mercury controllers and iPads are unaffected. Seems to be specifically related to this model.

Hi Jonathan, can you post the fix? I don’t have a login to see the solution. Thanks!

For now, I've seen this page change like 3 times already.

If this error is encountered, follow the steps below.
  1. Log in to the panel's web interface and disable the "Page Flip" option under Settings -> Applications. Hitting "Save Changes" will trigger a reboot. 
  2. During bootup, the panel will check and install the new app. 
  3. Once completed pair the device with your Zoom account.
  4. Remove any duplicate devices from the Zoom Admin Portal.
  5. Log back in to the web interface of the panel and re-enable the "Page Flip" option. Presssing "Save Changes" will trigger a final reboot. 
The device should now function normally. If the above steps do not recover it, restore the panel and perform the procedure again.
CAUTION: Restoring the panel will reset the device to factory default. Any custom controls will be removed and reconfiguring them may require the assistance of a Crestron integrator.

Hey Jonathan, have you seen anything regarding the error notification in the attached image? Happened overnight to one of our controllers as well. Saying "Error Running UI" when attempting to launch the Zoom app.

Haven't seen it before.



Same issue.


TSW-1060 Android version 5.1.1
Zoom control app 5.13.5 (in 5.12... worked fine)
Win - ZoomRoom app 5.13.5


I'm guessing it has something to do with it 


Thanks  Jonathan.


We got hit too.  This is awful 


Same issue with 3 TSW-760 units.


We've found that the Crestron fix works if you do it from the panel, not from the web interface