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Chopping sound



First of all, I apologize for my level of English.

I'm having a problem with the Zoom software and the sound is choppy and hard to hear.
This only happens when the person I'm on video with is playing music on Spotify, for example. I can hear his or her voice just fine.
I'm the only one with this problem. The other people taking part in the conference have no problem and can hear the music just fine.

I encounter this problem in the following situations:

When I use headphones that I plug directly into the computer.
When I use headphones connected to my external sound device.

But I don't have this problem when I use the laptop's speakers.
It also works when I use Zoom Web Portal (with or without headphones, with or without an external sound device).

The Zoom software is up to date.
Windows is up to date.
My sound device (Presonus Audiobox) is up to date.
My laptop sound device is up to date.

I also activated "sound for musicians" in Zoom, without success.

My computer is an Asus vivobook laptop, with Windows 11.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help me!

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