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JSON Panasonic Projector Commands


I have the following code for a SONY Projector in the device profile but need the command for a Panasonic Projector.


"id": "sony_projector",
"name": "Sony Projector",
"methods": [
"id": "power",
"name": "Power",
"command": "\\x02\\x0A\\x53\\x4F\\x4E\\x59\\x00\\x01\\x30\\x02\\x00\\x0%",


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This is a question more appropriate for the Developers Forum at

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Developer support is a great resource, but this case seems to be about needing to find the control codes for Panasonic Projectors.  The dev forum wouldn't support that directly as they aren't AV programmers well acquainted with the various vendors and their options. 


To find the codes that are needed, I would recommend looking at the panasonic support page for the specific device.  You should be able to find the programmer's reference in the same docs area you'd find the user manual or firmware.

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