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Feature Request: With new Zoom Rooms 5.15.1 app installed, have options to expand devices & sort



I've noticed since the 5.15.1 Zoom Rooms app were installed on our Macs, that the Zoom console now shows a list of devices (camera, mics, etc) attached to the Mac.

The problem is that these devices auto-expand every time I look at the device list. And even if I collapse them, they auto-expand the next time. It would be great if they remember if they were expanded or hidden or at least if the default is to NOT expand all the devices. A 'expand all' or 'hide all' control would be useful as well.

The other issue I have withe the new console is there no was to show only the devices that have outdated apps. I used to be able to quickly tell what devices had outdated Zoom Rooms apps quickly, but now I have to check each of the 80+ rooms to see if they are current or not.

There also doesn't seem to be a way to sort the device list.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Was also beyond frustrated about this! It looks as though Zoom has resolved the issue and all Win/Mac ZR compute devices with peripherals are now collapsed by default.