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Does Zoom Room Digital Signage support wired sharing?


Does Zoom Room Digital Signage not support a wired share?


I know ZRDS supports wireless share through share key, but cannot find any documentation that specifically says it supports a wired share. 

Our typical setup is magewell capture HDMI and that auto switches in zoom. using zoom rooms this works fine, but I’m not having any luck using ZRDS. 

anyone have luck with a wired share using ZRDS?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Davehaggerty 

Do you want to attend the meeting and share?

In that case, it would depend on the device.


If you are not in a meeting and want to display the information on a digital signage screen, you cannot share it wired.



It is supported.  If you are attempting to use this with a Digital Signage-only type Zoom Room, which generally lacks a camera, you may be running into an issue, though.


A Zoom Room must have a default camera.  A Digital Signage-only Zoom Room also expects a default camera to exist, but doesn't throw an error when one does not.  If a Magewell or similar device is connected, and *only* that device is connected, the ZR will treat it as the default camera, and will no longer auto-start content when a laptop is connected.  So, the workaround is to either install another camera to be the default camera (e.g. a simple USB webcam you'd tuck away and never use), or perhaps better, a virtual camera software program that the ZR application will detect as a camera, and can therefore be set as a default camera, freeing the Magewell to be used for content capture.