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Audio and camera not working when starting Teams meeting on Zoom Room




We have multiple Zoom Rooms in place, configured with a Logitech Rally Bar Mini and a Logitech TAP IP.

Sometimes our users need to start a MS Teams meeting via this Zoom Room, we have this configured the right way and it used to work great for a while, but now out of no where when users join a MS Teams meeting from the Zoom Rooms the audio is not working and when trying to mute/unmute yourself you receive the error message on the TAP IP that the request to unmute failed.

Does anyone here happen to know how to fix this issue? 



We have the exact same issue. Never used to happen and now happening on 2 separate rooms which both have Rally Bar Mini.



what we found during testing is this only occurred using Teams Guest Join AND the Teams Lobby was enabled. If the Lobby was not enabled for the Teams meeting the issue did not occur. @Tom93 

Hi Storm,

Will try this for testing but most of our external partners make us of Teams lobby's so problem would persist i am afraid..


@stormzoomMB just received confirmation from Zoom support that this is a known issue:

This is an identified issue. There is no defined release date for the fix yet. There are multiple dev efforts across HW partners, MSFT, and DGJ partners to all agree on, and implement the fix.
They provided a workaround, please set the meeting option "Who can bypass the lobby" to Everyone. They said that this fixes the concern for customers using Logitech. Please refer to Using the lobby in Teams meetings for further guidance.

Thanks @Tom93 @really appreciate the update. Is there a ticket number hat Zoom have provided to refer to. Interesting how this issue was not occurring on exact same platform setup until fairly recently 


We are seeing this issue also.  
Is there any updates on a fix / has anyone found a tracking issue that can be tracked for this?  


I am seeing this same issue. I have seen that if the host joins the meeting late, it forces you to wait in the lobby, triggering the issue even with the "bypass lobby"  enabled. Seems like we have to make sure the Host is there first.


My issue is audio only, the participants cannot hear me, video works. I can see and hear the others though.


I am experiencing this issue in a couple of Zoom rooms currently. The lobby bypass works for us if we are the ones scheduling the meeting, but if a 3rd party schedules it we have no control which tends to be quite often. Currently I'm just plugging a laptop into the Rally bar via HDMI & USB if I need to use the system for a Teams call but hoping a fix for this comes soon. 


I have been having the same issue, looks like it was fixed in the latest release. 


Sadly it is not, we have some customers with the same issue. The latest version of Zoom Room date from September 28 and there is no mention of this fix. Looks like the workaround is the only way for now

I updated the Logitech firmware, not the zoom room version. 

need to try it, thank you

That’s what we did as well. It was the latest Logi FW that resolved it. We updated the Zoom Room version as well afterwards just to be thorough.

I have updated both the Zoom room and Logitech firmware on both my rally bar and tap. If I try to mute/unmute using my extended microphones on the conference room table, I get the same issue. If I use the tap however to mute/unmute, it seems to work.