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Edu Lift not showing on accounts?


Hi Zoom community,


I'm at a small independent school in Sydney and due to a Covid-19 lockdown, we are delivering our program primarily via Zoom. Our teachers recently all applied for the Zoom Edu Lift on their basic accounts so that they could deliver their content uninterrupted to students. We're really appreciative of the lift on time limits, however, we don't seem to be having much luck with actually having the lift implemented.


I applied two weeks ago and was advised by a very helpful Zoom staff member that the lift had been enacted on my account. However, my account still tells me that I have a 40 minute limit. I was under the impression that this advice would disappear when the lift had been implemented? 


Our remaining staff members have been waiting for about a week. I know there are probably a lot of schools applying for this lift, so just also want to understand how long it might take for the lift to be put in place.




Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi Louise!


Thank you for using Zoom Community.  I'll be happy to help.  Firstly, only one application needs to be made for each domain.  Once the domain is approved, all users with that domain will have the 40-minute restriction lifted.   Here's what I advise -

1) if users still see banners indicating a 40-minute limit but Zoom has confirmed the limit has been lifted, you can disregard the banners (sometimes they still appear)

2) if users are actually being cut off at 40-minutes in group meetings, please report the meeting ID number/s back to me at and we'll have it researched


Let us know if you have any further questions.  If this response satisfies your enquiry, please mark 'Accept as Solution' so that other Community users can benefit from the answer.


Thank you & Happy Zooming!