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Is there a way to turn off calls on Zoom desktop app but still receive calls on the Zoom mobile app? Or is there a way to make the zoom desktop app not take precedence when someone calls? For example, I'm typing an email and someone calls. It switches to Zoom and I can't type anymore. Is there a way to make it just appear in the background?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Nathan,


Presently, the only way to do this is to quit the Zoom desktop app, or Sign Out of it by clicking on the icon in the upper righthand corner. 


An enhancement was announced last year during Zoomtopia that will allow configuration to set precedence of Zoom apps for Call Handling. I have not heard when that is coming yet. You can still sign up and watch the recorded sessions for free at


I hope that helps!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@NathanLao  There is an existing feature request to better manage the Zoom Apps call handling but there is no target release date yet. @FORE-Craig is correct. 

Unfortunately, the "zoom apps" in our call handling settings covers the desktop, mobile and ZPA.

For now, you may just log out  your zoom account in the mobile app. Go to Settings - My Profile ( name and email appears- top), scroll to the bottom- select Log Out).

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


As of this moment we have the feature called "Split Zoom Apps for Call Handling", this will allow you to split the call handling between Zoom desktop app and mobile app. However, this is only available in beta as it requires an NDA since if this  feature is enabled on the account it can't be reverted/turned off.


If you still want to enable it despite that fact, you may reach out to the CSM assigned to your account and have them submit a request for you.


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I am interested in this as well.  When it is released for everyone will it still be a feature that cannot be turned off and on?  It would be great if each user could choose this and turn on and off at their discretion.


Wow, I would have thought the Split Zoom Apps for Call Handling feature would be a basic option, available by default. It should be. 

Thanks for the intel, @IP-Man .