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Zoom Phone System - Calls on Phone and Laptop


Hi. I would like calls via zoom to be received only through the mobile app, calls are currently coming through to both my phone and laptop. I have my package set up and call queues created, this is the last step before the system can go live. Does anybody know how to do this?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi  , 

it's simple please follow this path and you will found your needs: 

1- open Zoom portal 

2-if want change for your account just click on phone>user setting 

3-Next, navigate to "Business Hours>Call Handling," click on "Edit," and disable it.

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Thank you,




I have a question?  My HR user has access to all the supervisors call in's.  she is suppose to get email with the message of the Voicemail.  so she should get email notification and V mail notification.  She gets some and then others she gets the email but no V mail?  the user calls a attendance line and picks the supervisor leaves a message and that goes to the supervisor.  the HR person gets messages for all that call in but she gets some but not others always gets the email just not the Voice Mail?  any suggestions on what to check.  I can call in and she gets both- she calls the line and gets both as well.  

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


Just to ensure clarity, let me confirm: Do you want your HR user to receive voicemail messages in her email, including both the notification and the content of the voicemail? Is that correct?