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Zoom Phone Delay


When a Zoom Phone is answered, there is a long pause which creates confusion.  Either the client will speak while we are speaking, or they hang up, thinking there is nobody there.  Is there a setting that I can change to correct this so there is no pause or delay?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi towncrier,


This may be caused by several factors such as poor telephone network (public switched telephone network) conditions; poor internet connections such as high latency, high packet loss, high jitter, slow upload and download speeds; and personal computer or cell phone overload in terms of high cpu activity and low available memory.  


It would be helpful to know a little about your setup in terms of your network such as speed up and down, latency and packet loss, wired or wireless connection type and zoom clients and apps version numbers.    


Zoom provides a free network tester that may be able to identify network issues.  Zoom also has a tool to simulate voip calls.  Please see support articles below.


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thanks,  eliot