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Zoom Numbers for India


I have read the news that Zoom got license to operate in India, Is there any timeline does Zoom have to port India DID numbers BYOC towards cloud and again does it means it can run without any SBC?


Can someone shed some insights on this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello Abid.

We ran into the same issue because there are very strict telecom laws in India. I just checked and not even by using Zoom's Provider Exchange there is any availability.

We ended up using TWILIO as our BYOC for India and a couple of other countries where Zoom Phone can't provide numbers and it has been working fine for the past 2+ years.

Even with TWILIO, we could only obtain a TOLL FREE NUMBER because nothing else was an option.

You have to open an account with TWILIO and then work with your Zoom Team to get it set it up as BYOC. TWILIO have their own SBC so you don't have to worry about it, just to setup it up to interconnect with ZOOM.

I don't see TWILIO as part of the PROVIDER EXCHANGE list so I am not sure it is still an option, but talk to your Zoom AM/SE to discuss it.