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Zoom Dropping My Audio while on iPhone BT


Whenever I am talking on my iPhone w/BlueTooth using the Zoom App about a minute into the call I can hear the person that I talking to but they can no longer hear me. Is anyone else having that problem?  Does anyone have a legit solution to this major problem?  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Looking4Answers., 


 You can reach out to our Technical Support team and provide them with the call trace and we can check on the backend as to why you are having difficulties with your calls. 




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Thank you for your response,  I already have and it has been over 24 hours since I have heard back from them. 


Does this only happen when using bluetooth? i.e. when in speakerphone mode does it happen?



OK, so it is not a bluetooth issue....

A one way audio issue on other SIP phone systems is usually due to some kind of NAT/firewall interaction. Does this happen when using cell data instead of WiFi for internet access? And with WiFi, does this happen everywhere? i.e. using a cafe'sWiFi,WiFi at work, andWiFi at home?

I am testing out Zoom Phone and this is happening whether I am sitting at my desk using wifi or in my car when I am driving. 


Given that it happens over both cell data and wifi, would seem to be related to your iPhone. One possible test would be to use your iPhone as a hotspot, run the zoom app on a laptop using your hotspot and see if the same problem occurs.

Also, any VPN or firewall add-on installed on your iPhone?