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Our caller ID is coming up as SPAM on other phones?


We have been noticing a lot of customers saying that we are coming up as SPAM when we call out. We do not see this in our internal calls but somehow it is happening on all out-going calls. This is a very bad deterrent for business.
Any suggestions? 






We are having this same problem. Would love to get some help or suggestions as well. 


Same. Maybe a carrier update?  vzw iPhone will show as spam/ google pixel on google Fi service not  showing as spam.


We are having this issue with Verizon, T-Mobile and Cricket so far. I was able to reach someone who asked me to take video screen shots of LIVE situations and report back. I will let you all know how it goes.

Only some of our users are able to replicate the issue. I am rotating phone numbers to see if this helps. I will also report back with findings.

Changing the phone number for the user has fixed the issue, at least for now.

Having users self report, kinda sucks but it is working for now. 

Hope this helps!

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

in an effort to identify and block spam, wireless carriers are using analytic engine systems to identify spam and robocalls.  you can register with a free service to identify your entity as legit.

Free Caller Registry | Home

please also see the following support article.

Outbound calls blocked or tagged as spam – Zoom Support


I used the links provided and filled out the form and this was the response I received:

The number(s) you submitted to Report-A-Robocall are not labeled negatively by Call Guardian. Please note that these phone numbers may be flagged by other services which we do not control. Thanks for your feedback!


Data Analyst, TNS Call Guardian

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi CookforLife,

Call Guardian/transaction network services is just one of the analytic engine systems.  the other majors include first orion and hiya.  there are also two robocall databases from nomorobo and youmail. 

i have a bank client that submitted the free caller registry and it worked for them.  hopefully, it will work for you.




The SPAM RISK or LIKELY SPAM label is set by the recipient's carrier - they use different analytics engines to determine whether a number is likely spam. We started having this issue as well after switching to zoom, even though we've ported our numbers. Never had this problem when we were with RingCentral. I know we specifically had an issue with ATT, which we were able to solve by submitting a ticket with HIYA -