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No way to get my zoom phone number to work without an extension number?


I have a Zoom Pro account and wanted to take advantage of the free trial Zoom Phone offer I recently got via email to see if this service is for me. I am a one-person consultancy, and need a single DIRECT phone line that doesn’t require a caller entering an extension to reach me. I can’t find  anything in your support articles that tells me how to do this. It seems your phone service is totally designed for companies requiring multiple lines with extension numbers to reach anyone. If there’s no way to do what I need (i.e. get my Zoom number to ring directly, without needing an extension), then this service obviously isn’t for me and I’ll need to discontinue the phone as part of my Zoom account. Please advise.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

‎2023-01-15 12:52 PM

Hi @Jimt1 


1. The easiest thing to do is to go to Admin > Phone System Management > Auto Receptionist in the Zoom web portal at, choose the Auto Receptionist and in the Business Hours section:


  • Set the Business Hours to 24/7
  • Set Greeting Prompt to Disable
  • Set Route to User, and select your Name from the drop-down menu presented

From that point on anyone calling the number will go directly to you. 


You should also go Personal > Phone > Settings, and configure the entire Call Handling section there.


*** The only down side to the above is that you wouldn't be able to use the SMS capabilities with this phone number. 




2. Your other option is to assign the Phone Number (direct number or DID) to your User account.


The Extension is part of the way the system works. If you have the DID assigned to your User account, the extension number will not necessarily be used as it would in a multi-person phone system.


You should also go Personal > Phone > Settings, and configure the entire Call Handling section there.


*** You'll be able to set up SMS with this phone number.


Whichever option you choose, i strongly suggest that you read the following Zoom Support articles:


Getting started with Zoom Phone (admin)

Getting started with Zoom Phone (users)



I hope that helps!


Thank you so much - Option 1 worked a charm - I am all set now - this seems like such a basic question that would be asked by sole traders - surprised it is not easier to find a solution or guide....


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @searsie 


You're welcome! I understand... the issue comes up frequently. There should be a setup path that asks how you intend to use the system.


Would you please mark my response on the other post "Accept as Solution", so that others in the future will be able to identify the solution when searching:


Thank you!



Hi Craig, 


I am curios about something based on your original reply above.  I know the above was for a single user and option 2 would be the better choice to be able to use SMS for the main  (only number in this case).  But wondering if this could also be done in a multi-user scenario as well to allow the main number to be used for SMS.  Can't you assign what would be the main number to a user (Maybe a not real user who answers calls) then set that user to no regular business hrs and set closed hours to forward calls to extension. Set the extension to an AR and continue from there?  


Yep, option #2 is the one closest to what you asked for. You still have an extension, just not used by anybody as everyone is calling your DID.