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LineStream Proposal for Coaching and Monitoring


I would like to press play once and hear all phone lines I’m monitoring.  I don’t want to have to click something for every single phone dial.  This will help the coaching and training process to take effect more quickly as we monitor team lines and conversations.  

Let’s call it LineStream.  
The review of Monitored lines can happen in these modes:
1. Focus - it hears all calls of just one selected line.  
2. Cacophony - it hears all calls of all lines at the same time.
3. Random - goes one line to the next line after the call ends
4. Sequence - stays on line rep for <5> (<dials> or <minutes>) then goes to the next line.

This add-on could also review Recorded lines of a selected date or date range:
1. Album - play all files of specific line on selected date
2. Playlist - play all files of selected lines in chronological order
3. Long Play - just play recordings over <1 minute> (to capture conversations vs voicemails)
4. Hangman - only play conversations of selected lines where the recipient disconnected the call

Count me in as a Beta team user!  Vote this post up if you like it, let's create some noise here.