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Group Call Pickup in Call Queues


Okay, I've tried for days to get this working and I've run out of ideas.  I could use some help from more Zoom-savvy folks.

Essentially, our business has a shared office with managers that rotate through it on shifts (AM, PM, or all-day).  We currently have an auto-receptionist that captures incoming calls and either routes callers to a call queue of the managers on duty or directly to voicemail.  We always have a "primary" manager who will be in the office taking most calls, and have "backup" managers who only take calls if the "primary" is unable to.  Our call queue is set up to be sequential because of this, and all the managers have their business hours set up to reflect their shifts.  In a purely remote setup, this works perfectly as the "primary" is always rung first before any calls go to the "backups".


The wrinkle here is we also have an office desk phone (Poly VVX250) that we would like to ring during the -entire- call queue, so even if the "primary" manager misses the call on their personal devices, they can still answer it on the desk phone or to take  the call if the "backups" also be unavailable and are currently being rung.  At any given moment the "primary" might have to work remote, and all attempts to add the desk phone into the phone devices will force this desk phone to ring un-answered before eventually going to the other people in the call queue.  Also worth noting that the office is located in a medical facility where personal devices do not always get signal and the PC isn't always available, however we always have access to the land-line desk phone that is linked to Zoom if we are in the building via a headset.

I've tried a few ways to get this to work, none of which have worked:


1.  Adding the desk phone to the "call handling" options of individual users.  Zoom does not allow internal lines to be on user's call handling options, so I can't get the desk phone to ring in tandem with the users' personal devices, desktop client, etc.  It is also not an option to have users' calls be forwarded to the desk phone because this will remove the call from the rest of the original call queue, so if the user and the desk phone are both unavailable, calls will not go to the other members of the call queue.

2.  Setting the desk phone as a common area phone.  This does not work because Zoom will then treat this just like a normal user, and slotting it into the call queue will force this to ring sequentially and the desk phone will stop ringing when the incoming call goes through the rest of the queue.  This forces the caller to wait for the desk phone to ring for it's full queue position before eventually continuing in the queue.  As we can work remote or in the office at a moment's notice, this is not ideal, and if the primary is unavailable as well this forces the caller to be on hold for far too long.

3.  Setting the desk phone on a group call pickup.  Which this should work in theory, I have noticed that direct-extension calls to the call queue members DOES ring the office phone simultaneously, but any calls pushed to members via the call queue DOES NOT hit the group call pickup settings so the desk phone will not ring.  I have tried assigning the phone to a "dummy" user and have this "dummy" user in a group call pickup with call queue members, and also had the phone set up as a common area phone in the group call pickup with call queue members and neither work.  I still feel like this should have been the ideal solution, but I can't find any setting that allow call queue calls to hit any group call pickups that call queue member is in.


TL;DR:  We have a Zoom desk phone we want to ring simultaneously during the full duration of a call queue while said queue also goes sequentially through its member list, effectively ringing on multiple devices at once.


It really doesn't seem like this should be as complicated as I am making it, so I could use some outside perspective.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.  I'm more than happy to clarify anything as well if needed.   Thanks for taking the time to read this and take care!


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Did you look at Simultaneous ringing option for the Call Queue? And have the Primary and phone in Q1 and Backup and Phone in Q1 and overflow from Q1 to Q2!

If not what about looking at Shared Lines as a solution?



I thought about having multiple queues that redirect to each other, however we frequently need to change the order of backups and that's extremely difficult to do on-the-fly with forwarding call queues than it is just changing the order in a single queue.  And unfortunately Shared Lines don't seem to be an option in Call Queues, which is a bummer because that would be an ideal solution if it worked.