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Group Call Pick not working in Zoom phone on Poly desk phones


We have call pickup groups defined, so that a colleague's ringing desk phone can be picked up by someone else. This shows up as a BLF line key on the phones. After a phone rings for X secs and is not answered, it will ring on that line key for others in the same call pickup group. Multiple call pickup groups.


About a month ago this feature stopped working consistently (sometimes it does work); an unanswered call will not ring to that line key on the other phones in the call group. A reboot of the affected phones solves the problem temporarily, but the problem reappears within a day or less. We had not made any changes within Zoom phone or on the desk phones. Unfortunately Zoom engineering has looked at this for a month and has not solved it.


Poly VVX250 and VVX450 phones - we've tried different firmware versions, reset to factory defaults, removed all Zoom provisioning templates, nothing helps. We've tried deleting and re-creating the call pick up groups. It is affecting dozens of phones. 


Has anyone else seen this behavior?



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi tmckeithan.


I think you should be using a group call pickup line NOT a BLF line key.

Customizing line keys and positions settings – Zoom Support


Please also see

How to customize the group call pickup line key (admins or phone users)

Phone users and common area phones added to a call pickup group will automatically see a Group Call Pickup line key on assigned desk phones.


Admins and phone users can customize their line key settings to change the position or alias of the Group Call Pickup line key.

Setting up and using group call pickup – Zoom Support


There are two versions of poly firmware for vvx 250 and vvx 450 depending on when the phone was manufactured.  For example, my vvx 450 2201-48840-121, rev a is new hardware and its firmware is  poly engineering document tells you how to identify old and new hardware.


VVX 250 Business IP Phone

AES-256 (Old hardware rev) (New hardware rev)


(see Note)



VVX 450 Business IP Phone

AES-256 (Old hardware rev) (New hardware rev)


(see Note)




Zoom Phone Certified Hardware – Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot