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Grandstream Provisioning Failure


I am having a provisioning failure with our Grandstream 2604p.  Firmware is which show approved by zoom and provided by grandstream.  I have tried the https url as well as the http url in the configuration guide.  My DHCP is et to no and none, I see the phone downloading the file, but ultimately get a failed to download firmware... even though this is a configuration file and not firmware.  I haven't been able to try then Web Interface option as I cannot find the SIP user ID or Authentication ID anywhere in the documents that is readable.  




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

goto phones and devices, add device type grandstream, model grp2604 and assign to a user.  goto assigned and select the grp2604p.  at the bottom of the screen, click Actions and Provision. you will see sip user id and authentication.  please see attached screen shots. 

i was able to provision a grandstream grp 261x using phone web interface. 

current f/w for grp 2604p is

please also see:

Grandstream assisted provisioning guide – Zoom Support


GRP260x Series - Documentation Center (

Firmware- Grandstream Networks

GRP2600_VPK_Guide.pdf (

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Zoom has recently added Zero-Touch provisioning for some Grandstream desk phones including GRP 2604.  please see 8/10/2022 update of Getting-started-with-provisioning-desk-phones.  please also see a screen shot of screen to ADD Desk Phone.

Getting started with provisioning desk phones – Zoom Support