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How to show China toll/tollfree


I have orderd license of Zoom Pro, added Audio Conferencing service and enabled toll/toll free for  China, Hong Kong,  But I still can't find dial in number, neither toll nor toll free, when I schedule to attend the meetings.


How can I can the call in numbers for China/Hong Kong?


Thanks a lot


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @godurs,


In order to have China phone numbers available for your meetings you need to enable the China and/or Hong Kong data center regions in your Zoom account settings in the web portal.


By default China regions are disabled and must be enabled in your account if you wish to use them.  Enabling these regions will allow use of the China DC’s for users in China as well as enable PSTN numbers and SIP addresses for legacy codecs in China.

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Hi there, the method you have mentioned was only for paid member, right? The basic user cannot be using?