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Changing an existing text-to-speech greeting


I noticed a new option for the Greetings & Leave voicemail instruction allowing to edit an existing greeting. But when I click to edit an existing text to speech greeting the "upload" option is showing instead of the text-to-speech window.


How do you change an existing greeting? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



If you click over to the "text-to-speech" option to the left of "upload", you'll be able to edit


Hope this helps. If this answers your question, please accept as solution.

It doesn't allow you to edit the current one. Only create a new one as near as I can see. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I am able to edit my current ones. Should be available for you.

Can you maybe take a video of your attempt so I can advise from there?


You'll click edit > choose from asset library > click the 3 dot ellipses of your text-to-speech > select edit > click the text-to-speech tab > from there you can make edits on name, category, language and message.

It doesn't show my existing text-to-speech verbiage to edit. I'm a Zoom Admin on an Enterprise account and just testing the new feature. It doesn't show my old text-to-speech verbiage.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @pucketlz @brad_bell @ccameron 


You can edit the instance of the Audio Prompt - meaning you can change the audio attachment while retaining the name so that you don't have to relink to a new Audio Prompt in your various settings, BUT the Text that is converted to Speech is not saved unfortunately after the conversion.


I have found this less than ideal, especially when you just want to change a word, a date, etc. 


You can submit a enhancement request for it though at 




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

great news!  the text of new text to speech greetings can now be edited.  please see attached screen shot. 


previously, this could not be done; you had to retype the text rather than edited it because only the audio was saved.  old text to speech stills needs to be typed in.  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thank you for pointing that out @Eliot!


@pucketlz & @brad_bell. Any previously made text-to-speech options will need to be retyped, it appears.

Newly created options will be editable as mine were in my testing.