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Can't 'Connect Phone Contacts' in the Zoom app


Hi Members, I'm using the latest Zoom Android app on a Samsung Z Flip 3, I'm based in the UK.


When I try to add my mobile number to the  'Connect Phone Contacts' section, I'm presented with the verification code, I type it in correctly but it errors back 'Failed to register phone number, please check your network connection and try again'


I am on the net either using WiFi or Data, and my Zoom profile contact number has been validated on the website successfully.


What's the issue please, does anyone know?


Thanks for any help


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi lico9182,


according to zoom android release notes:


Enhancement to Personal Contacts
Users can now create a personal contact directly from their call history using the phone number associated with any inbound or outbound call. The contact can then be starred for quick access. Users will be able to enter items such as the first and last name of the caller, their company, their email when adding the contact.

Release notes for Android – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot

I’m on an iPhone 11 and it comes up failed to register your phone. 
It’s a new account I have registered because the zoom I am going to be on this Saturday has that email address of mine. 

It seems a lot of people have had this problem too. 

I also have this exact same issue and there doesn't seem to be any fix out there


I have had so much correspondence about this.

My own experience is that even though I have had this problem and the powers that be are just not understanding it at all. 
Regardless of all that I have still been able to use Zoom when a link has been sent for me to sign in. It did not affect my meeting. 
I think it’s about being fully set up and adding all your contacts though. 
Sadly, it probably just means that I will move to another platform if I encounter anything else. 
Perhaps others can comment whether they were able to access a meeting.

Very sorry but cannot advise you further.