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How to choose a name for a client phone number on Zoom phone desktop?



I hope you are doing well.

I just started to use Zoom phone on desktop through my browser. In my iPhone, I can easily assign a name to my contacts so that when they call, I see the name I chose for them on the caller ID. But in Zoom Phone desktop, I do not know how to do this. I have saved my contacts in my personal contacts on zoom phone settings, but still, when I receive a call from them, I do not see the name that I chose for that contact in the history of my received calls. It makes it difficult for me to recognize the calls that I received when I review the history.


I appreciate it if you can help me to find a solution for this. 🙂


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner



Rather than using your browser, please install zoom phone desktop client for windows, macOS or linux. The desktop client integrates with your personal contacts and your admin can permit you to also synch to google, office 365 or exchange.


Please see screen shots.







You can also use your personal contacts to call using the desktop client dial pad.  Instead of typing a number, you can type a name or partial name:



If you synced your contacts, the caller's name and number appear as you specified in your third-party contacts directory. This will override the caller's caller ID name and number. If you added an internal Zoom Phone user to your third-party contacts service, the name you specified in your third-party service will override the user's display name.

Note: Synced contacts are currently not supported on Linux, Zoom Web App, Android, and iOS. If you're using the Zoom mobile app and enabled phone contacts matching, the name in your phone's default contacts app will display instead of the caller's caller ID name.

Using calendar and contacts integration (


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thanks,  eliot