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Call queue members from different sites


We have users in a company site that is in India and we have another site in the US.

I have created a call queue that is supposed to ring multiple users - the call queue is assigned to the US site.

However, I am UNABLE to add users from India into that call queue.

If I create multiple US sites, then I can have users from each site in the call queue.

I can create a call queue in the India site and there's no issue.

However, I cannot add international users into a US call queue.

Does anyone have any advice on this ?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi udaykhosla,


members of a call queue can be from any site of the same account.  since the call queue is assigned to the u.s. account, members of call queue must sign into the  u.s. account site.  the members can be physically located anywhere including india and u.s.


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thanks,  eliot




I am having the same issue to some extent, except it is only affecting members who are a part of the Indian site.  Those individuals are effectively unable to be active members of any of our Call Queues that are not also created in the Indian site.  To resolve, I had to create a new site that did not use the Indian address and then assign all members and resources from the Indian site to the newly created site with a UK address, and then deleted the Indian site.  This behaviour was only experienced by members in the Indian site, and non of my other international sites such as the UK or Netherlands.