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"Launch a meeting"


Sometime in the last week or so, I've been having trouble launching my meetings. Is anyone else having this problem? I click to start the meeting and the page with the big blue "Launch meeting" button comes up. When I click on it nothing happens. There are two lines below: 1) click to download Zoom, and 2) join from browser. I have tried both of these buttons. I have re-downloaded Zoom but that hasn't addressed the problem. Also, I am able to join from my browser but sometimes my camera doesn't work and it seems like it is a less optimal interface. I assumed maybe there was a Zoom update or something and that it would start functioning properly in a few days, but it doesn't seem to be self-correcting. Thanks in advance for any advice. Oh, one more thing, I tried to get live chat support and it told me that my account support live chat, but that is news to me. I have had live chat support in the past.



I have the same problem.  In the past week or so when I try to join a meeting (that someone else created)  I am directed to a screen where I would normally choose the blue Launch Meeting button; nothing happens after choosing this button.  After a few times I will get an option that allows me to join via my browser; however, this sometimes has audio issues.  I realize Zoom has made changes but they do not seem for the better and I don't have time to watch their hour long videos that they keep sending me.


I am experiencing the same problem on my Android tablet. I can use the browser but it doesn't work as well. I can enter the meeting in Zoom by entering the meeting ID and password. However, this is not how it has worked in the past. Is anyone else having this problem?


Yeah I have the same problem since my last android update Zoom is not opening anymore even after reinstalling.