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pixels in recorded videos



I want to share my recorded videos with other people. I have noticed that I can download 2 files (3 if there is a chat included during the recording). One is an audio only file, the other one is the video, to which I am interested for sharing. The problem is that this video  640x360 pixels big (MP4, 207 MB), but this could be too small for big screen, isnt'it?


How can I dowload bigger videos to share?


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I am not aware of a clear description of the screen resolution of the recording, so I will comment on this, although it is an educated guess.
The resolution of Zoom recordings seems to depend on the resolution of the data received during the meeting.
For video screens only, it will be 640x360p if HD video is not enabled.
If screen sharing is used, it is a bit more complicated.
For local recording, it depends on the display resolution of the PC on which the recording is made.
For cloud recording, it will match the highest resolution in the recording. However, the upper limit is 1920x720p.

If you want to increase the resolution of the video, you will need to enable Group HD Video.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

+1 for this - Zoom is notoriously stingy about video bandwidth, so even with Group HD enabled, you'll need to make sure the conditions to create at least one 1920x1080 feed are being met on at least one receiving endpoint in order to confirm the recording will be full-res.


More info on Group HD here - the feature will need to manually be enabled for 1080p meetings/recordings.